Our Process

img_0060At Advanced Roofing Solutions, we do everything for you and nothing without you. When a storm strikes and damages your home, the aftermath can be chaotic and confusing. At Advanced Roofing Solutions we are here to help you manage the claims process and all of your roofing needs.

Here is how the roofing process works:

Our roofing professionals will evaluate your roof for hail, wind and any other types of damage. They will then offer you their professional opinion on whether your home shows signs of damage and would qualify for an insurance replacement. Any damage discussed will be backed up with photographic evidence taken by our professionals.

With the homeowners consent, our roofing professional will inform the insurance company of the date of loss and advise them that the property has been inspected by a qualified contractor who has found storm damage. Once the claim has been processed, the homeowner will be contacted by and insurance adjuster to set up a date/time for the insurance inspection.  Our professional will be there when the insurance adjuster comes out to inspect to make sure we answer all questions for you and make it a smooth process.

img_0073Our roofing professional will meet with the insurance adjuster at your property and assess the roof damage. Our professional will be there to ensure that you, the homeowner, receives all that you are entitled to under the terms of your policy. Once the full scope of the damage has been determined, a report will be filed with your insurance company.

Your insurance company will send you a loss summary detailing the scope of the damage and what they are willing to pay. They will then send the first insurance check to begin the work.

Together we will evaluate the loss summary report to ensure the scope is accurate. We will pick the colors and materials, determine a date to begin the work, and give you an overview of the project. The materials will be delivered directly to your home. Our roofing professional will oversee the entire project while our roofing crew install your new quality roof.

After your new roof has been installed and our roofing professional has reviewed the entire job, you, the homeowner, will issue the first payment check to Advanced Roofing Solutions. We will then send in all necessary documentation to the insurance company and they will release the remaining balance to you.

When you receive your final payment, contact is and we will meet you at your convenience to collect the remaining balance. Upon receipt of the final payment check, Advanced Roofing Solutions will present you with the warranty and all other required documentation.

Insurance Claims

What you need to know about insurance claims…

img_0123We understand that most homeowners are reluctant to file an insurance claim even if there is actual storm damage. You may be worried about your insurance rates going up or having to deal with a log drawn-out process. We want to assure you that the insurance company cannot raise your rates due to an “Act of God,’ such as hail, wind and storm damage. We sincerely believe that if you have storm damage, you should not forego any settlement owed to you. Out claims’ specialists at Advanced Roofing Solutions are dedicated to making sure that the process is both simple and painless for the homeowner.

When do I file a claim?
Wind and hail damage can take several years to cause leaks; because of this, your insurance company will allow a claim to be filed up to three (3) years after the storm date (six months for rental properties). We want you to know it is extremely important to have a trained professional come and inspect your roof shortly after a severe storm, even if you don’t think any damage has occurred. After years of working with insurance companies, Advanced Roofing Solutions has determined, the earlier you file a claim, the better settlement you will receive.

Siding, Gutters and Painting

At Advanced Roofing Solutions, we offer quality siding products. Our professional installers can help you select the best siding products for your property’s protection and curb appeal.

At Advanced Roofing Solutions, we are highly experienced in the installation of aluminum gutters with baked enamel coatings (which eliminate the need for painting). We provide five-inch or six-inch gutters and upgrade your downspouts to new.

At Advanced Roofing Solutions, we take pride in the quality painting services we offer. We use high quality interior paints for all of our projects. Whether you have one room, or ten, we do it right!