img_0128Does Advanced Roofing Solutions have insurance?
Absolutely! We have general liability insurance and workers compensation insurance to protect you, the homeowner, and ourselves.

Do I really need a contractor to meet with my insurance adjuster?
Insurance adjusters work for insurance companies, not you. By having an Advanced Roofing Solutions claims specialist present, we can ensure the adjuster recognizes all the pertinent storm damage. This helps ensure you receive the full protection provided to you by your insurance.

Can I keep the money my insurance company has given me to make the repairs?
Your insurance company has written an estimate based on damages that need repair. If the repairs are not completed, you have filed a false claim, thus committing insurance fraud. Furthermore, your mortgage holder has a vested interest in your home and will require all repairs to be made.

How can I avoid paying the deductible?
img_0070Legally, you cannot. If you are having trouble paying your deductible, let us know. At Advanced Roofing Solutions, we will work with you to assist you in meeting this requirement.

Do I need to get my roof replaced right away?
Damage from a storm may not cause an immediate leak, but this is not a good reason to delay the necessary repairs. Many insurance companies have a statute a limitations on how long you can file a hail or wind damage claim. If you think you have storm damage, it is prudent to address the problems in a timely manner before more serious problems arise.

My contractor said I have a storm damaged roof, why did my insurance company deny my claim?
Many insurance claims are denied when homeowners fail to have an experienced roofing contractor present during the evaluation. Most insurance companies allow one re-inspection. We know your time is important! That is why it is imperative to have an Advanced Roofing Solutions claims specialist present to meet with the adjuster during the initials insurance inspection.