img_0055Advanced Roofing Solutions is a company that demonstrates superior organizational skills and rare customer service to support both clients and business partners. Few key business aspects separate the professionals from the part-time contractors in the industry. Advanced has managed to pinpoint those aspects and continue to differentiate themselves from the competition as a professional contractor with a long and bright future.

On a personal level, the team at Advanced has always presented themselves as professional, integrity based business men and women. They value their professional relationships with distributors and treat everyone with a mutual level of respect constantly expressing genuine gratitude for the services we provide.

At Advanced Roofing Solutions…
we have roofing replacement down to a science.

We believe a good process delivers exceptional results. We can finish a roofing project in one to three days depending on the size of the job, the availability of the materials and the weather. When the project is complete, we are available to answer any questions you may have.

About Our Crew
Our crew includes roofing professionals and a supervisor who is on the site throughout the day and pays close attention to every detail on and off the roof.

img_0135Site Preparation
Our roofing professionals will cover and protect all landscaping as needed. We also protect any special items and prepare your home or property for the restoration process.

We inspect all decking and replace where required. Then we install felt underlayment and ice and water shield. We install roofing materials to code and according to the manufacturers specification’s and insurance scope of work.

Sight Clean-Up
After completion we visually inspect your property for stray nails and remove materials and debris from the site. We use special magnetic rollers and a wand to pick up nails around your property.

Follow Up
You will be provided a contact number for 24 hour service. We also offer a full administrative support for all your questions and concerns.